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Wallpaper paste to dry processing
Just after the shop installs wallpaper room should be closed doors and windows, dry processing. Because just paving wallpaper room immediately ventilation can cause wallpaper Alice side and played drums. Wallpaper pavement ended 3 days later should use the wet towel and gently wipe wallpaper seams of the remainder of the wallpaper glue. Wallpaper scrub resistant, but not resistant to blunt bump, if find small at the surface damage, can be used to approximate the color of the paint or paint remedy. Special non convex wallpaper, weekdays only a feather duster to clean.

The best color in general bedroom warmer, softer, to rest. Furniture such as color, wall color to be very light; if furniture color, metope appropriate use of contrasting color similar to Home Furnishing color to set off. Newly married bedroom color can be a point, a little soft, warm color wallpaper, curtains and best color close to some, must avoid cold tone.
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