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Adhering to the concept of "natural life and artistic life"

Since 1976, the founder of Southeast Wallpaper has been dedicated to the research and development and design of craft wallpaper. As the founder of China's natural fiber wallpaper and the industry's quality benchmark, Southeast Wallpaper has long been well-known in this field. Over the years, Southeast Wallpaper has been adhering to the concept of "natural life, artistic life", and has transformed beautiful conceptual elements from all over the world into highly cost-effective high-quality wallpapers. So far, Southeast Wallpaper, Maison Wallpaper, and Eiffel Wallpaper have been established. This brand has established cooperative relations with many international brands in the industry at the same time.

In 1994, the company established a joint venture with South Korea's Seoul Southeast Gebu Industrial Co., Ltd., introduced advanced production equipment and technology from South Korea, accumulated decades of superior industry experience, and established a complete design, production and sales system. The company has a number of domestic advanced wallpaper production lines, using environmentally friendly materials to manufacture with modern craftsmanship. While passing the concept of health and environmental protection to millions of families, it also creates a colorful and splendid life, allowing urban upstarts to enjoy a very artistic temperament. A visual feast, becoming a large-scale and high-quality manufacturer of natural fiber craft wallpaper internationally and domestically!

The company has been rated as an advanced export enterprise, advanced foreign-funded enterprise, Chaoyang enterprise, small giant enterprise, provincial AAA tax-paying enterprise, and city top 100 tax-paying enterprise by the government many times.

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